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Many of us feel that our kids are experts in using technology and we need to catch up. How do parents and carers balance the need for kids to access information and connection through technology with concerns about screen time and privacy? How do we work together to keep young people safe online? Share your thoughts here, or check out  Tools and Tips  or our Hub Library for even more resources.

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  • It is almost a year since ChatGPT burst onto the scene, fuelling great excitement as well as concern about what it might mean for education . The changes keep coming. Earlier in the year MyAI was ...

  • The use of ChatGPT and other Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs in schools has become a hot topic of late, with parents and educators concerned about the potential impacts on students. By ...

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  • Report Online Harm

    This important resource from the eSafety Commisioner takes you through how and when to make a report of online harm caused by cyberbullying, image based abuse illegal and restricted content.
  • Mobile Phone Ban in all NSW Public High Schools begins Term 4

    As Term 4 approaches, many schools are beginning to talk to parents and students about how the mobile phone ban will work. If you are just catching up, here is the original announcement from the NSW Government.

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